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LEAF in Nowra is the perfect tourist spot in a great location known by local people on Princess Highway of South Coast Regions, NSW. We serve a quick, tasty meal and a leisurely sit down.

We’re passionate about Asian flavours and mad about eating & cooking.

Our menus are the most iconic dishes which have been carefully selected across Asian countries.

We would like to invite your eating habits so be sure to try different dishes from our creative kitchen team. Don't forget  to bring your friends and try something new and tasty at LEAF in Nowra!

Enjoy Love Eating Asian Food!

                                                                        OUR STORY

                 Following years of training in the industry, Ping, the owner and executive chef, opened her first restaurant in 2013. “LEAF in Berry” was located in Berry on the South Coast of NSW.  With her dedication to recipes and cooking, it became a staple address preferred by locals and visitors alike. The success led to a branch here in  Nowra. “LEAF in Nowra” was rolled out in 2016 and quickly became a new buzz in town. 

                 In December 2018, Ping decided to only concentrate on “LEAF in Nowra”.

Her experienced staff team followed her with all the recipes she had created. Ping and team will continue to offer and share not only Thai and Asian  delicacies but also warm-and welcoming services. 

                                                                        OUR NAME 
 LEAF stands for “Love Eating Asian Food”. We believe that once you try Thai or other Asian dishes, you will fall in love with them! The name is also drawn from the use of Asian herbs and vegetables in the ingredients. The leaves give out such rich flavours and contribute distinctive tastes to whatever dishes they’re in. There is no better name for this place.

                                                                        OUR FOOD
We serve family-style food inspired by Ping’s own family kitchen. Thai cuisine is about combining tastes with textures and aromas with colours. Our recipes are attentively concocted to please your palate.

            Our menu features a wide variety of popular  Thai  and  Asian  dishes. Each is conceived with love and care with your absolute pleasure in mind.

                     We work for culinary memories you would want to tell everyone about!